Contract remote talent safely standardized and time-proven contract is signed between you and the development agency that employs your selected engineers. The IP they create is transferred to you in full. Our dedicated Customer Success Specialists are always there to assist.


Get started in days, not months

Imagine being able to instantly reach out to hundreds of top-notch development agencies and find out which one has just the engineers you’re looking for. This is what we do, tell us about your requirements and get ready to review the matches in 48hrs.


Get perfect candidates every time

We respect your time. This is why ensures you talk to the right candidates only. Our vetting process utilizes hundreds of data points for our personalized matching, resulting in a greater candidate-to-hire ratio.

How it all Works

Flexible, efficient scaling

We make our partners (dev Houses)’ journey with easy and time-saving in 3 ways:

Step One

Vetted Clients

Let in only mature clients with a clear understanding of their development plans.


Step Two

Vetted Offers

Select relevant offers for each vendor with the highest chances to be chosen by a customer.

  • Select relevant offers for each vendor with the highest chances to be chosen by a customer.


Step Three

Vetted Partners

Reduce bureaucratic runaround with automation and our personal dedication to help our partners stay busy with nothing but development.



  • Your developers located in Eastern Europe or the Americas — regions that are close to our clients: real-time work is our high priority;
  • You are comfortable with a staff augmentation model (outstaffing);
  • You have experience working with the US- or EU-based clients and the ability to provide testimonials, case studies, etc. upon request;
  • You have a team size of 20+ developers;
  • Your company’s talent pool consists of mainly Mid-to-Senior and/or Senior developers that directly communicated with clients in English during their previous engagements;
  • You can provide documents that may be requested during YouTeam’s due diligence procedures (for entity, identity, and bank account verification purposes).

The final decision of whether an application should be approved or not is at the sole discretion of Further hereby reserves the right to reject your application and to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to Platform at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability.

No, it’s not. We don’t sell your expertise and services to clients under our name. As soon as a decision about the start of cooperation has been made, you will sign a direct contract with a client.

The contract is always signed between the client and service provider (Dev house partner) directly. But we use standardized’s templates that make it possible to control a proper implementation of the contract by both parties. has a unified contract template, but its terms will be customized to reflect your particular project details and shared with you for review. After approval, you and the client will sign it electronically as a clickwrap agreement, which is the alternative digital method of contract forming and signing where the user signifies their acceptance by clicking a button or checking a box that states “I agree”.

Our clickwrap agreements are as enforceable as electronic signatures or wet ink signing.’s standard service contract terms are time-proven, utilized by companies like and Top 100 startups as well as safe.

After we receive a bid from our partner, Team Advisor makes a candidate screening to select only those profiles that meet all client’s requirements. In the second stage, the client selects the most interesting candidates and invites them to an interview. Additionally, the client can request tech validation via HackerRank For Work or other tech assignments.

Not necessarily. Requests from potential clients/ leads are always received by Sales Managers, validated by them carefully and then shared with preliminary matching vendors (geography, technologies stack and typical rate cards are taken into account while filtering the potential list of the RFP recipients). Only those offers that match with the information in your profile will be sent to you.

Each request for proposal on our platform includes information about project timelines. We encourage you to bid with the profiles of specialists available for new projects within the next 1-2 month(s) and those ready to switch from the current project to a different one immediately.