Candidate Term of use:

By uploading your CV/ Resume into the Mital platform you will abide by our terms and conditions below.

If you are choose for a interview we will be sending you a temporary Letter of intent

In case of rejection of the offer or conclusion of a contract with or our affiliates, clients or any 3rd part contractors, the “Candidate” is committed to destroying all received and copied paper and/or electronic versions of communication with our clients or there, subsidiaries, affiliates, or their clients.

In addition, the consultant agrees to a non-compete for 1 Year (12 months) from the date of signing the Temporary Letter of Intent. The “Candidate” is committed to providing discretion, loyalty, and ethical behaviour towards, the “Recruiter of record.” 

The “Candidate” will not contact, work directly or indirectly with or any of Mital’s contractors, its subsidiaries, affiliates, or clients. You agree not to contact any company where facilitated a meeting or presented your CV to the customer, or their clients, under the risk of penalties (12% of your Gross salary or 5 000 Euros for each case, whichever is greater).

The “Candidate”, agrees to make payment to cover the offence in 30 days, to cover any damages and financial losses incurred due to non-compliance with this document and the rules of collaboration detailed above.

At, our ultimate goal is to ensure that all talent that submits a CV/Resume to us and our Talent pool or responds to a job offer get a chance to find a job that challenges them and meets their financial aspirations. 

All information contained in this document may not be used or transferred in part or whole for companies and third parties without the written consent of is an equal opportunity employer, contractor, and recruiter; we value diversity and equality. We are committed to finding talent that is not determined on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability status, or any other characteristic protected by law.