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So, what do we do?

Simply put, we help enterprises with digital transformation and start-ups with translating ideas into products.

Simpler put, we develop web and mobile apps from scratch to launch. We also advise companies to find the right technology solutions and build digital products people love.

We have grown up on FinTech projects ​like ​an Irish ​unicorn ​Fenergo, but now we are increasingly delivering projects for various industries related to biotech, gaming, energy, and IoT sectors.

One of our goals is to support innovative startups on their way to become profitable companies. We have created venture capital to assist young entrepreneurs financially and mentor them in business, sales, and marketing.


What keep us going

We’ve been a remote-friendly company from day one, although we cherish the times when we get to meet up in the office and give some high-fives.
To maintain a spirit of harmony, we are constantly working to navigate each day in line with values we share.

CSHARK in a nutshell

We didn’t come out of nowhere.

CSHARK was founded by 4 software developers in 2014. Now there are more than 280 of us. In 2020 and 2021, thanks to our quality custom .NET development services, we were among the 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe.

We don’t put AI where it’s not needed.

Instead, we like to simplify processes and work on the 20% that deliver 80% of the results. We believe in minimum effort and maximum value.

We are flesh and blood and a bit of humor.

What we love the most is working with people who are passionate and like to get things done, as we do.

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